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    A Guide for Hiring the Best Flooring Services
    Flooring serve a vital role in all buildings and people should ensure they get the best services when they plan to start flooring projects. There are various types of flooring which can be applied in commercial and residential properties and owners choose according to the style they need to appear in their buildings. Flooring is used everyday by people who access the buildings and due to much use, it can encounter damages which should be addressed as soon as possible to keep the appearance of the houses and offices neat. People can get flooring renovation services when they need to upgrade their existing flooring because new flooring designs keep coming to the market and many people want to ensure their homes are up-to-date in various parts. People can also get flooring renovation services if they need to address certain damages because flooring can be affected by holes and cracks. Due to this, there are many flooring service providers which are qualified to offer flooring services to homes and offices.
    When people decide to get flooring services, they should research flooring contractors available in their areas and go for the homes which possess qualities to deal the with the flooring task available. It is due to the fact that not all flooring contractors offer high quality services and people should avoid contractors which they do not have the required level of professionalism to deal with flooring. The best way to come up with the best flooring contractors is by having a list of several flooring contractors which operate in your area and get assistance from other homeowners who hired flooring contractors recently. Experiences of past clients can lead people to the best flooring contractors due to the fact that they will be recommended flooring contractors which offered satisfactory flooring services. Because there are many contractors which provide flooring services, sometimes it is not easy for beginners to identify the best contractors, and they are advised to consider various factors before settling on a certain flooring contractor. One of the factors to consider when looking for flooring contractors is the budget because flooring services are offered at different costs. People have set amount of money to pay for the flooring services they need, and they should make sure the flooring contractors they hire will support their budgets. Despite this, it is good to go for flooring contractors which do not have low prices because in many cases, they offer low quality services due to lack of qualified flooring installers and advanced flooring tools.
    Another factor to put in your mind when in search or flooring services is the licensing of the contractor. Homeowners and businesses should permit their flooring to be addressed by companies which have permitted by the authorities to offer flooring services. The best flooring contractors are licensed because they need to operate according to the set policies to control the quality of services they provide to their clients. The benefit of working with licensed flooring contractors is that they do not exploit their clients.

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    Key Reasons to Schedule for Bible Study

    The Bible is a holy book with a history some which are proven with the aim of teaching people how to live and also proving that God is the creator of all the things that exist in the universe. The Bible is regarded to be the Word of God which means that it has the mind and will of God to His people and it is worthy for us to consider studying the Bible on a regular basis. Many people consider going for Bible study but they don’t know the key reasons for them to make sure important decisions. There are some people in life that will be there to give testimonies of what God has done in their lives and the only way for you to give such is through proper understanding of God and prayers. Hence, a better way for you is through going regularly for Bible study as it is associated with the following benefits.

    There is no error in the Word of God and this means that the Word of God is infallible. You will be able to know that the law of God concerning our soul is perfect and everything written in the Bible is true and this is among the key reasons why you need to consider Bible study. Testimonies concerning the Word of God don’t have any errors and hence, the Word of God is considered to be very pure and we need to be trusting Him all the days of our lives. This is a statement that might be hard for you to believe unless you are going for Bible study where you will be able to get people to explain for you and give you some examples to illustrate the concept.

    The Word of God is complete and this means that you don’t have to add any new chapters or remove some from the Bible. Everything that we need from the Word of God is already given to us. You only need the Word of God since it is Holy and very complete. For you to understand the completeness of the Word of God, it is important for you to join hands with the other people in reading and interpreting the Bible and the best place for this is Bible study. The Word of God also is considered to be totally authoritative. God is the ruler of the universe and therefore, we are supposed to be doing what His Word is telling us.

    When we are going for the Bible study, we will get to know that the word of God is totally sufficient for all our needs and in case we have any need, we should only be telling God our problems and everything will be provided to us since God is the provided to everyone that He created. You are totally secured by studying the Bible as a Christian because you are able to know God’s plan in your life as a Christian and have a way through which you will be able to change not only to live well with others but also have a good relationship with God the creator.

    There are promises in the Word of God which are also accomplished and it is good for you to consider Bible study so that you will be able to know more about the promises and what God has planned for His people in the earth.

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    What You Need to Avail from Healthcare Consulting Service Provider

    You would desire to avail healthcare consulting now that your clients are growing in number. You want all your medical devices to work well when someone needs medical assistance. However, the creation of medical devices needs to be done carefully. Even the procurement of those devices needs to be done efficiently as they will be used to provide comfort and save lives. You should be guided by the best healthcare consulting service provider. With many companies that are available to connect to you, it is a must that you search for the right provider. There are some steps that you must follow.

    It is just right that you look for the finest provider of services through the help of the people who belong to the same industry. Now is the right time for you to connect to them to seek help. For sure, they will never waiver to help even if you are rivals in the industry. What they would do is to provide you with the names that you need to assess. If you get the names and contact information, just ask them of their accounts and you will see how promising those providers are.

    It means a lot for you to read some reviews online. You really need those reviews since those things bring you a lot of comments which you never knew at all. You need to read both positive and negative comments that people share. Even if you like to do away reading the negative comments, you do not have a choice as you need to assess their limitations as well. It is time for you to learn so much about the limitations of each prospective company. That way you will be able to know the things that they could not provide.

    It will be essential for you to set the standards. You need longevity is the main standard this time. Since you want a company to offer services that have undergone testing, the best way to do is to count their number of years. If they have been in service for at least a decade, then you never have to be problematic. They must have improved their laboratory functions. They even have the best people in the field of science to work for them. They have the finest equipment that provides accurate results. You need to bank on their experience as you do not really want a mediocre job. After all, you are paying them with your hard-earned money.

    It will be vital also on your part to find a company that will give you quality assurance services. If there are things that you want to customize, you should make an effort to come to them personally. They must have some people who can communicate with you to understand the needs of your own agency. You need to tell them the exact orders you like to be delivered on or before the date you need the materials. You also hope to get products at an affordable rate.

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    CEB TowerGroup recently named Hyland Software a Best-in-Class enterprise content management (ECM) vendor for insurance companies in three categories in its evaluation of ECM solutions providers in the space. Hyland was named Best-in-Class for: User Experience, Enterprise Operations Support and Enterprise Support.

    The report identifies both current and future market drivers, identifies the needs of the industry and lists notable solutions providers. CEB TowerGroup selected vendors based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of each vendor’s solution features and functionality, understanding of customer needs and implementation of leading practices to maximize efficiency and ROI.

    “Selection as a Best-in-Class solution within CEB TowerGroup’s insurance vendor review verifies the relevance and ongoing benefits ECM solutions can provide insurance companies. It illustrates Hyland’s ability to offer insurers a solution that can streamline their processes, enabling them to run more efficiently and cost-effectively across their entire organization,” stated Cheryl Nulman, Hyland’s insurance industry marketing manager.

    CEB TowerGroup named Hyland Software’s OnBase a Best-in-Class solution for:

    • User Experience,  for its attributes that directly contribute to enhancing the productivity of employees across the organization
    • Enterprise Operation Support, for its attributes that support and facilitate business operations enterprise-wide
    • Enterprise Support for Hyland’s influence and ongoing relationship with customers

    “Our industry expertise, coupled with the high-value we place on customers’ feedback helps to create leading solutions to meet insurers’ needs. Our agile approach increases our viability in the industry and ensures an advanced solution offering,” Nulman said.

    “As insurance executives evaluate new IT products to support their business needs, many are overwhelmed by the volume of technologies available,” said Aaron Kissel, executive director, CEB. “CEB TowerGroup is the only advisory group qualified to evaluate such a broad range of insurance technology tools and to help insurers navigate the increasingly complex landscape.”

    *Technology Assessment Disclaimer– CEB does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in our CEB TowerGroup publications and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors rated “best in class.” CEB TowerGroup research publications consist of the opinions of CEB TowerGroup’s analysts and should not be construed as statements of fact. CEB disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

    About Hyland Software

    For over 20 years, Hyland Software has helped our more than 11,500 lifetime customers by providing real-world solutions to everyday business challenges. That dedication is why Hyland realizes double-digit growth, and why 98 percent of our customer base continues to renew its annual maintenance. Our customers see the ongoing value of partnering with Hyland and continue to work with us year after year.

    Seamless integrations with policy administration, core administration and claims management systems speed processing times across the entire insurance lifecycle from underwriting to policy services to claims, which increases customer service. Using OnBase, insurers are able to increase profitability through accurate and consistent underwriting decisions while decreasing response times and costs associated with claims.

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    California: Google is rumored to be opening for Google TV streaming service. The tech giant is said to be developing a streaming service similar to cable TV services, such as Hulu or Netflix.
    Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, according to sources who declined to be named. The source revealed that Google has approached several media companies to discuss licensing and television program content. Google wants to provide more services to Google TV via channels such as television package, but by using a broadband connection.
    Google TV audience of streaming content will not require registration and subscription requirements as well as cable television service. Google TV so users will not be charged monthly. Google TV is not much different from the Apple TV. But the Apple TV first implement streaming TV service.
    Google seems to need to fight hard to make it happen because just like the Apple TV earlier, the problem of security issues and also the reluctance of media companies to cooperate with Web TV newcomers a big challenge.

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  • 09Nov

    Supply chain management software maker E2open Inc (EOPN.O) expects its revenue to hit $100 million for the first time next fiscal year, after replacing its dependence on BlackBerry Ltd (BB.TO) and PC makers with a host of new customers.

    Chief Executive Mark Woodward said he expected E2open, which went public a year ago, to boost its sales in the 12 months to February 2015 after adding up to 20 new enterprise customers in the current fiscal year.

    “We do $80 million (in revenue) this year and we grow 30 percent next year. That should get us there,” Woodward said in an interview, referring to the $100-million revenue target.

    E2open, which makes cloud-based software designed to assist companies in managing their supply chains, has more than doubled its annual revenue in the five years since Woodward took charge. Revenue in the fiscal year to February 28, 2013, was $75 million.

    The company’s shares have risen about 35 percent since they began trading on the Nasdaq on July 26 last year.

    Three of the six analysts covering E2open have a “strong buy” rating on the stock. The other three rate it “buy”, according to Thomson Reuters data. The company has a market capitalization of $460 million.

    With a customer base that includes Coca-Cola Co (KO.N), Unilever Plc (ULVR.L), IBM (IBM.N) and Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O), E2open has been diversifying to cut its dependence on any one large customer.

    Last year, that customer was Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry (BBRY.O).

    Woodward said he expected BlackBerry’s contribution to E2open’s revenue to fall to less than 3 percent in the current fiscal year from nearly 15 percent last year.

    BlackBerry, which pioneered on-the-go email with its handsets and messaging systems, has slipped into tough times as it struggles to keep pace with nimbler rivals.

    Woodward said BlackBerry’s quarterly shipments of about 7 million units were between a quarter and a third of the volume contracted when it became a customer of E2open four years ago.

    “Their usage of our systems, just because they are selling less handsets, has come down dramatically,” said Woodward.

    E2open has, on average, signed up 17 enterprise customers in each of the last two years. In total, it has 76 enterprise customers – those which buy E2open’s software as well as pay for access to its network of suppliers and trading partners.

    Computer maker Dell Inc (DELL) brought in 22.5 percent of E2open’s revenue in fiscal 2011. Now, it accounts for less than 5 percent – even though its contribution in dollar terms has risen, Woodward said.

    “The original deal that we signed with Dell was for $3.2 million for three years,” he said. “The last bill we signed with Dell was for $3.2 million per year.”

    British mobile telephone company Vodafone Group Plc (VOD.L) (VOD.O) is the largest customer for Foster City, California-based E2open, having contributed 12.1 percent of the company’s revenue last fiscal year.

    Another customer, Seagate Technology LLC (STX.O), held a 9 percent stake in E2open as of December last year.

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    The Prepared Meals Company that you will Need the Most

    What is the type of prepared meals company that will suit you the most? Whenever you are going to hire a prepared meals company, there must be something good about them on why you should choose them as your main service provider. Through reading this article, you will have the chance to learn more about what the best prepared meals companies are made up of. As a customer, you should not rush your selections out there. Please take your time in reading this article to know more about those companies in your locality. Here are the following features that you should be noting of:

    Reputation – noting down the overall reputation of the prepared meals company is highly important on how you should be doing your selection properly. Once a company has a much needed reputation, you would be able to hire them without any setbacks and problems at all. For sure, you can easily consider this kind of company as part of your options’ list because of the fact that they have already proven something great about themselves to you. If the company, however, happens to have the worst reputation, it is wise to avoid hiring them already. This kind of prepared meals company will not suit your demands and interests in many ways.

    Location – hiring the farthest prepared meals company might require you to wait for the longest duration of their services to arrive. Of course, the distance between you and your chosen service provider will greatly matter because this would either be an advantage or a disadvantage for both of you. The nearest prepared meals company would always be there to serve you just right since they may be able to reach your business office or residence with ease. So, do not try to hire the company that happens to be located somewhere else because this will just cause you more problems later on.

    Internet – there are multiple ways on how you can search for a prepared meals company and one of these ways is being able to use the internet. The internet can really help you in various ways, most especially when it comes to how you would be able to determine the company’s greatness and competence. Also, the internet is the venue wherein you can read a lot of comments and reviews from different people, too. So use the internet wisely.

    Popularity – the most popular prepared meals company may be well-known or famous for certain reasons. Their popularity is a thing that they haven’t earned overnight. In fact, most of the prepared meals companies in the country would really wish to become the most popular option for their target audiences. Hence, you can easily trust a company that is already famous for being the best. As a customer, you should consider this particular attribute as an advantage on how you should be selecting the best prepared meals company out there. Don’t choose a company that happens to be ill reputed or not popular for being the best service provider.

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  • 26Oct

    Guidewire Software, Inc. (GWRE), a provider of software products for Property/Casualty (P/C) insurers, today announced that it has received five of six 2013 Vanguards in Insurance Practices (VIP) Awards. The VIP Awards are sponsored byInsurance Networking News (INN) in partnership with Celent and were announced and presented at the recent ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum in Las Vegas. The VIP award winners were solely determined by insurance company professionals through their participation in an online survey where they were asked to name technology providers that deliver the most value in various VIP categories.

    Guidewire’s 2013 VIP awards included recognition in the Back Office & Support Systems, Customer Experience Solutions, Decision Support Solutions, Insurance Core Solutions, and Strategic Partner categories. More information about the 2013 VIP Awards can be found at www.guidewire.com.

    “The VIP awards identify the leaders in insurance technology and recognize the vendors that best help insurance carriers meet the increased expectations of consumers and agents,” said Carrie Burns, editor-in-chief, INN. “This year, we’ve seen that while insurers still consider customer service and stability to be important traits of vendors, the ability to plan for advances in technology is becoming just as important.”

    “Guidewire is very effective in building and supporting their partner networks, and their customers appreciate that choice of implementation partners,” said Chuck Johnston, director, Celent. “They’ve also built out a solid organization that has connected with their customers and created good rapport, as seen in the award results. They’ve made significant investments in pertinent technologies to support their customers, also reflected in the award results.”

    “It is a great honor for the Guidewire team to be recognized especially given that the award rankings are based solely on feedback from P/C insurance professionals,” said Brian Desmond, vice president, Marketing, Guidewire. “We thank Insurance Networking News and Celent for sponsoring the VIP awards program, and we thank everyone who participated in the survey.”

    This year is the seventh annual VIP ranking of technology solution providers to the insurance industry. 2013 winners were chosen based on votes from 476 unique respondents.

    About Insurance Networking News

    Insurance Networking News is a trusted source for information on how technology is being implemented to support insurers’ strategic business objectives, providing insightful analysis of the technology innovations utilized to automate critical processes. Insurance Networking News is written to help senior insurance executives obtain mission-critical information on resolving industry challenges.

    About Guidewire Software

    Guidewire Software is a provider of software products for Property/Casualty insurers. Designed to be flexible and scalable, Guidewire products enable insurers to deliver excellent service, increase market share, and lower operating costs. Guidewire products include Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, consisting of Guidewire PolicyCenter®, Guidewire ClaimCenter® and Guidewire BillingCenter® which span the core functional areas in insurance; Guidewire LiveSM, a cloud-based network connecting peer insurers, core system data and expert tools through instant on apps; Guidewire DataHub™ and Guidewire InfoCenter™ which help insurers address their data management and business intelligence challenges.

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  • 25Oct

    Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Sisco System said it will buy software company Sourcefire Inc. for about $ 2.7 billion to improve the network security services.

    Sisco will pay 76 dollars for each share of Sourcefire, 28.6 percent higher than the closing market price premium 59.08 dollars Monday, Reuters said in a report on Tuesday.

    The networking equipment company said the deal would likely close the second quarter of 2013 and estimates that there will be a dilution thin on non-GAAP earnings in fiscal year 2014.

    Sisco has been losing market share in network security last year, lower than the more innovative rivals such as Networks Inc., Check Point Software Technologies, and Palo Alto Networks Inc..

    Sisco compete in Web applications, social media and video streaming that require security protection is more complex than traditional firewalls.

    RBC Capital Markets analyst Robert Breza said the deal would eliminate a key competitor in the market for Check Point, Fortinet, and Palo Alto, but also strengthen the position of Sisco in the industry.

    It would also create a major competitor in the network security industry, he said, adding that Sourcefire will bring the technology of real-time network awareness (RNA) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) to Sisco.

  • 24Oct

    Rocket Software, Inc. (www.rocketsoftware.com) today announced the general availability of Rocket z/SQL for IBM System z customers who are ready to turn their valuable petabytes of non-relational data into actionable intelligence. Rocket z/SQL is a new product that allows mainframe data to better integrate with enterprise business intelligence and analytics initiatives while reducing cost and complexity.

    “We recognize that data is a huge challenge, and a huge opportunity, for our customers,” says Sam Elias, Rocket Vice President and General Manager. “Our customers see real value in accessing their data in place with standard off the shelf tools that speak SQL. Rocket z/SQL makes non-relational data as simple to access as an Excel spreadsheet.”

    “We are rapidly heading towards a world of analytics everywhere,” said Dan Sommer principal research analyst at Gartner. “Gartner predicts that analytics will reach 50 percent of potential users by 2014. By 2020, that figure will be 75 percent, and we will be in a world where systems of record, systems of differentiation and systems of innovation are enabling IT, business and individuals to analyze data in a much denser fashion than before.”

    Rocket z/SQL gives organizations industry-standard access to non-relational mainframe data without moving data off the mainframe. Traditional approaches require complex techniques, steps, and processes that move, copy, and transfer mainframe data before information can be used by applications and decision makers. With Rocket z/SQL, data is accessible in place through any SQL tool. Rocket z/SQL utilizes patent-pending integration architecture to perform all data transformations and joins in place – on the mainframe – with significantly reduced processing costs.

    About Rocket Software

    Rocket Software (www.rocketsoftware.com) is a global software development firm that builds enterprise products and delivers enterprise solutions in the following segments: Business Intelligence and Analytics; Storage, Networks, and Compliance; Application Development, Integration, and Modernization; and Database Servers and Tools

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