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    Starting from his love for the graphic design world, John Djauhari now assembling machines printer (printer) 3D. By leveraging open source technology, 3D printers that can print documents assembled Johanes digital into three-dimensional objects.

    John worked as a product designer. Some clients who want to make a product sometimes is not satisfied if only to see the design in the form of digital documents. They want physical shape despite the small size.

    “Well, from there, why do not I make a 3D printer itself,” he said when met at the show Popcon KompasTekno Asia 2013 in Jakarta Convention Center, beginning last July.

    John also likes the toys (toys). Many colleagues who designed character toys and wanted to realize his ideas into tangible form. Some of them use the services of John for 3D printing.

    Starting from his love for the graphic design world, John Djauhari now assembling machines printer (printer) 3D. By leveraging open source technology, 3D printers that can print documents assembled Johanes digital into three-dimensional objects.

    John worked as a product designer. Some clients who want to make a product sometimes is not satisfied if only to see the design in the form of digital documents. They want physical shape despite the small size.

    “Well, from there, why do not I make a 3D printer itself,” he said when met at the show Popcon KompasTekno Asia 2013 in Jakarta Convention Center, beginning last July.

    John also likes the toys (toys). Many colleagues who designed character toys and wanted to realize his ideas into tangible form. Some of them use the services of John for 3D printing.

    Keseriusan Johanes merakit printer 3D dimulai pada 2011. Ia mendirikan Bikin Bikin 3D Print dan aktif ikut pameran untuk memperkenalkan teknologi ini. Kala itu, desain luar printer buatannya masih berupa kerangka. Setelah melewati beberapa kali pengembangan, kini printer 3D-nya semakin akurat dan didesain menggunakan casing. “Akurasinya sampai 0,2 mm,” tutur Johanes.

    Akurasi itu dibuktikan dengan mencetak replika arca yang penuh detail dan lekukan. Johanes terlebih dahulu memindai seluruh bagian arca asli yang tersimpan di Museum Nasional. Setelah mendapat filepindainya, mulailah Johanes mendesain 3D lalu mencetak dengan printer buatannya sendiri.

    Memanfaatkan “open source

    Dalam mengembangkan printer 3D, Johanes memanfaatkan teknologi open source untuk driver dansoftware. Ia ikut dalam forum internet yang khusus membahas teknologi printer 3D.

    “Di forum ini, kita bisa tahu kalau ada algoritma yang lebih baik dan memberi struktur lebih mudah. Bukan cuma soal teknis, dari sana juga kita tahu soal materi yang mudah dicari dan lebih terjangkau,” jelasnya.

    Untuk mendesain bentuk 3D, Johanes menggunakan software Pronter Face dan Repetier. Komputer yang dipakainya terhubung ke motherboard printer melalui kabel USB. Motherboard inilah yang memerintahkan gerakan koordinat X, Y, dan Z, menerjemahkan dokumen digital menjadi obyek nyata 3D.

    Printer 3D yang dibuat Johanes masuk dalam tahap pengembangan akhir. Ia membuka pre-orderdengan harga Rp 10 juta. Setelah masa pre-order berakhir pada September 2013, printer 3D bakal dibanderol Rp 12 juta.

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    Online Newspapers and their Importance

    Most of the people these days are accessing their news from the internet nowadays. Those that are accessing news from the internet have found out that it is convenient. The reason is that they can be able to access news online with the use of mobile phones. Since the mobile phones are highly portable anyone who possesses one can access news from the internet at any time of the day. One can also get daily notification of news with the help of the mobile phones. Subscribing to the different websites that release news in the internet will make the people start getting notifications of everyday news. To know what is happening in the world every second it is important to subscribe to the online news.

    People who access the news from the internet with the help of their mobile phones is estimated to occupy forty-seven percent of the people who access news daily. The only thing that people will require to have to get news online is the presence of internet connectivity. With the use of the online news people can get to know the breaking news once they happen. Online news help people to access both local and international news. Online news has been able to make people in the world be to access news in a very fast rate. Mobile phones and laptops are not only used in freelance jobs but they are also used to access news.

    It is not all the time that people sit on their coaches and watch the news as a result of these different people decided to be offering online news. Also, the buying of newspapers was overtaken by the development of online news on the internet. The newspapers are considered to be outdated, and they offer news that has been passed by time. Newspapers are bought from the vendors and because of this choosing online news will be able to save on cost.

    It is very easy to access online news from the internet. With a touch of a button one can do this. Unlike the newspapers, magazines and the television the online news can be accessed at any time when one requires to. Compared to other means of accessing news, online news can be accessed by nearly everybody in the world at any place and time. Nearly everyone in the world can access news through the internet, unlike the other means that are only limited to some people in a specific location. The news accessed from the internet is fresh since it is updated every minute. With the help of the given risks one can be able to access additional information about something.
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    What To Look For In A Professional Plumber For Hire

    As everyone is rushing online to look for products and several other things rushing online to look for a plumber is also becoming much better. A plumber is essential especially when you are considering two remodel your house and your bathroom for instance since they can help in the installation of several plumbing systems. Before you look for a plumber you need to know that they can help you especially if you have been dealing with a clogged toilet. In case you intend to repair the sewer system or install a new one then you must utilize the services of a plumber. It is worth noting that you might be wondering how to rectify the pressure of water in your premises especially when it is affecting the water heating systems in your premises. As a result of the familiarity that plumbers have when it comes to plumbing lines this is where they always rectify these issues. When you hire a plumber you are also confident that in case there is a leakage in your sewer systems this is going to be rectified immediately, and you might not have to deal with the smell that emanates from the sewer. In order to minimize the possibility of water loss you need to hire a plumber to repair the bursting pipes. The plumber ensures that you are safe from in carrying huge costs of water bills which can be very relieving. The plumber is likely to deal with installation exercises, for instance, those on faucets and this can be very useful. As a result of this kind of involvement that is experienced when you hire a plumber you have no reason to take chances when hiring a professional plumber. Most professional plumbers are licensed and therefore when you intend to hire go for the one who is licensed for this services. It is worth noting that plumbers always avoids risking their licenses from being revoked and therefore they do not attempt to do anything contrary to the plumbing standards.

    Another significant tip for hiring a professional plumber is to go for the plumber who is covered. You might not know if the plumber is likely to sustained injuries when they are dealing with the plumbing works. A covered plumber is not your responsibility in the event of damage but that of their insurance provider. In case the plumber ends are damaging your systems then you can expect that you will be reimbursed. While interacting with your friends at work or in other social settings you might want to ask them about the plumber they can trust.
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    Factors to Consider When Choosing Paid Advertisement Services

    As a business owner, your business success depends on the stringent marketing strategy you employ. You can select a marketing strategy depending on your business size and your target audience. The emergence of new technology has seen the development of digital marketing that basically uses the internet to advertise. The paid marketing includes the pay per click advertisement. The paid advertisement, display your business or product in a web browser to increase traffic to your website which in turn increases your sales. By checking at the paid advertisement agency portfolio, you may be able to gauge its proficiency levels. This article acts as the ultimate guide on how to choose the ideal paid advertisement service provider.

    The primary aspect to ponder is the expertise levels of the paid advertisement agency. The experience of the paid advertisement agency directly translates to the remarkable sales that the business will get at the end of the marketing process. You would want to choose a paid advertisement agency that will handle your marketing strategy with professionalism. From the experience gained by the agency over the years, the paid advertisement company will be able to give you specialized advice depending on your specific scenario.

    The other important tip to put into consideration when selecting a paid advertisement agency is its reputation. You will need to carry out due diligence of the paid advertisement agency. You will need to know how the general public perceives the services offered by the paid advertisement agency. If the paid advertisement agency ensures that all its customers are satisfied with the services offered, they will have a remarkable reputation.

    The third essential element to consider when hiring a paid advertisement agency is its credibility status. The governing authority is responsible for regulating the operation of the paid advertisement agency. The paid advertisement agency has to comply with the set procedures or else it may face possible license revocation. It would be best if you cross-check the legitimacy of the firm’s documentation.

    The fourth crucial aspect to ponder is the pricing of the paid advertisement company. The pricing of the paid advertisement company is likely to vary depending on the package you choose. You will need to conduct a market survey on the pricing of the paid advertisement companies. The company that you choose should be offering its services at a considerable price. The paid advertisement company should provide a balance between cost and quality service provision.

    The customer review is an equally important factor to evaluate. The customer reviews give you an overview of the services offered by the paid advertisement agency.

    In summary, the paid advertisement agency should strike a balance between the tips mentioned in this article.

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    Attributes Of A Good Construction Company

    Construction is not easy job that happens overnight, you need to ensure that you choose a quality construction company that will oversee the whole project. It is not all construction companies that will do a quality job.

    Selecting a quality construction company to put up to the task is very essential. Below are some of the attributes of a quality construction company that you should choose.

    Your fiends and family who have constructed some facilities can guide you by recommending some quality construction companies.You can also go online and do some research on some of the best construction companies in your area.
    A quality construction company should have experience in the field that you want .The company should have a track record of success.

    The company should give you contacts of previous clients who can give you more information on the success of the projects. A quality company should have the best construction team that will oversee the project to the end.

    The company should also have all the necessary machinery and equipment that will be needed throughout the process to avoid delay. Constructors are often injured during the construction process.To avoid being involved in such ugly situations, choose a company that has been insured. It is advisable to choose a construction company that cares about the safety of all the workers and provide them will all protective clothing .

    Always check to ensure that the construction company of your choice has been licensed. A quality construction company should avoid inconveniencing the clients by ensuring that the work is completed within the required time.

    If you want to do a constriction, you should know that it is not an easy job and you should be prepared financially. If you want to get a company that is fair and affordable in pricing ,visit various and do a price comparison.

    A quality construction site should also be able to assist you in making great financial decisions regarding the construction. The company should avoid creating an environment of confusion and mistrust by always updating the client.

    Choose a company that will provide you with all the services so that you do not hassle looking for other companies later on.

    The workers should have good communication skills so as to ensure efficient communication between them and the clients and therefore avoid misunderstandings.

    It is essential to read some of the reviews on the company before you consider hiring it. If you notice that the company has many negative reviews, avoid it by all means. A quality construction will do quality work and finish it within the stipulated time.

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    Jakarta (Reuters) – In the midst of the Muslims fasting Ramadan, Indonesian BlackBerry app launches pay the Zakat charity through the foundation for users of smart phones or smart phones.
    “This may be an application of zakat (charity) is the first in the world in the BB World. Users can perform three types of payments that zakat religious endowments, Infaq, and Sadaqah,” said Managing Director BB Maspiyono Handoyo Indonesia in Jakarta, Friday night.
    Applications can be downloaded on zakat homes BlackBerry World for free to all BB “Operating System” (OS), including 10 BB. The application is made by software developers (software) Indonesia PT Jaya Dihital Solutions, said Maspiyono accompanied by Head of Distribution Management and Ibn Rumah Zakat Cholidin infallible, software developers Alms Houses in BB.
    Cholidin said, Rumah Zakat application will allow users to calculate the monthly zakat and provide complete information on activities, projects, and news from the zakat.
    Features at Zakat House includes an easy interface to support user transactions, zakat calculator helps the user to determine the amount of funds that will be donated, the latest news about the activities of the Zakat House, related to the purchase of livestock Superqurban needs of Eid al-Adha, and Infaq Card support users make a donation for 100 years until after the death, clearly Cholidin.
    But for the payment, users still have to do the transfer via ATM Bank. But in the future, will be developed through a transaction online payment system or by use BB Money, adds Ibn infallible, the developer of the software.
    “With this app in BB, we would like to pay zakat into a lifestyle that gives peace and pleasure of living in the world. Such people using BB or other gadgets. Pay zakat is made easy,” said Cholidin.
    Meanwhile Managing Director BB Maspiyono added, with this application, users not only get the benefits of BB ease in running businesses and organizations, but also the ease of paying zakat and “ticket” to heaven.
    According Cholidin, existing donors who pay zakat through BB worth Rp172 billion from Rp400 million earned in a year Alms Houses.

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    Features Found from the Best Chiropractor Companies

    There are different features that you should note down whenever you are planning to hire a chiropractor company from the markets. Today, we would often associate the selection process as one of the most challenging roles that we’d need to play out there. But, if you are just fully aware of how you should conduct your search properly, then there is nothing wrong about hiring a chiropractor company anymore. For sure, you will always love the secrets unto how you should find the right service provider out there. This article will be helping you in finding out what truly makes a chiropractor company the best service provider. So, please continue to read and know more.

    Reputation – once you are going to evaluate a chiropractor company’s reputation, you don’t need to be worried about how difficult this thing could be done. With all the companies that you can see in the market, you will definitely understand that there are some differences in how their customers fully trust them. Once a company is known for being a reputed service provider, you’ve already got all the reasons why you should hire them. It is best that you will avoid hiring a chiropractor company that hasn’t got the best reputation at all. This kind of company may not really be the best option that you could get as they are not obliged to protect anything at all. Their reputation serves as their “medal”, in which they have earned through their hard works and sacrifices.

    Location – where is the chiropractor company located? What are the things that you must take note of whenever you’ve hired the nearest chiropractor company? Well, the nearest company can always serve you with great speed and accuracy. Their services will be significantly improved due to the fact that they can easily access your location. You have to understand that the best chiropractor companies are the ones that you can easily call on to. They must be ready to serve you at any time of the day. Hence, this makes the nearest chiropractor company the best option that you can take. So, make sure that you would do your best in focusing your selection methods among the chiropractor companies that are located within your locality.

    Attitude – pertaining to the attitude of the chiropractor company, you might want to consider the one that has been known for being the kindest, respectful, and patient towards dealing with you. You must understand that the chiropractor company that is going to treat you well will never want to make you unhappy. So, know what these companies are going to do for you before you will hire them. Make sure that you’ve done some steps in order to make things on their right track. Hiring a chiropractor company is truly a challenging task but once you were able to find the right service provider for you, your efforts will truly pay off. Good luck with your search!

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    Reasons Why You Should Get in With Carver Dan Art Studio

    At what is one of the most attractive gifts that you can give to anyone then used cases the gift that has been made using hard with full stop this is what our carver Dan Art studio does every day and they ensure that they produced the first have made her look correct about that anyone would want to have. We had crafted of the known to be one of a kind had cracked with an object that I the best when it comes to making the perfect gift for any occasion. The use prediction cards and training from hardwood and therefore we come out with the most perfect gift for stopped regardless of what you want to get out of there storm can always get it because they have any kind of a gift that anyone would want. All the artworks that you’ve always wanted can be found at Carver Dan art studio starting from kitchen clocks and other gifts that you can think of. Check out here for more information about cover done at the studio.

    We were looking for the most exclusive artwork that you can send someone as a gift and they feel pressured you will find it here at Carver done because they have things that are very mean and you might not fight them anywhere else. When you fight with their artwork you will not see any paint or stain. When we talk about Wreck-it is mangosteen in yellow is boxwood what is pitch time is beach black as one that. With the original color that does not come with any paint or stain there for you get the most perfect gift pack been looking for. Open the website for more information about this Art studio and how we can protect them to get the best out of their stop. There are many reasons why one would consider buying their art gift from the cafe done and among them is the fact that their items are very unique and the image does not fight what you want we can always create a customized school then at that you desire.

    Once we get in touch with them, they will ensure up that would be great for you whatever you’ve been looking for if you’re looking for bed covers we will exactly do what you want then ensure that we give you more than you expect. Will it come to handcuffed puzzle boxes they are the best and many people who want them to be able to produce for his outstanding gift in this and therefore you cannot be left behind full-stop get in touch with them to get the most charming hard-capped pass of boxes and very. There is nothing that would like giving someone a gift that is personalized a gift but they never see it elsewhere or with anyone else, this is exactly what you get for your visit cover dance at the studio because they are at work is just me and out of this place. Click here for more information about them and how you can get exactly what you wanted. We have the most articulate and natural Dekho that you can have if I get for example if you’re looking for her ticket from the court will take them at a very good price and they are from it were friendly panda to a sailboat which you can get anything that you want.

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    Parenting 101

    If you are a parent and you would like to see your kids grow up to be the kids that you want them to be, you should start teaching them when they are still very young. There are many parents who neglect their responsibility to teach and train their kids to be the people they want them to be. They are so busy that they forget that they have children that are looking up to them. It is really sad when parents can not be there for their children and if you are a parent, you should strive to be the best parent that you can for your child. Today, we are going to be looking at some good parenting tips that you can use to train and teach your kids. We hope that you will learn a lot from this article.

    One thing that is going to be very important for your kid is learning. Yes, you are going to have to put your kid to school so that they can learn a lot of things. School teaches them a lot of things that will help your kids to develop and to learn what is important in life. If you are not sure which school to take your children to, you need to do your research as to which is the best one. Because of the many things that are happening in the world right now, you might want to consider keeping your child at home and have them take those online classes. There are many schools today that have online options so you might want to consider those for your kids. They can learn a lot from them and at the same time, you can be protecting them from what is happening in the world.

    You should also be there for your kids whenever they need you. If you know that they are struggling with certain things, you need to be there for them so that they can take comfort and refuge in you. You need to help them to be the best that they can be so that when they grow up, they will shine. There are many things that you can do to make learning fun for your kids so you do not always have to be so strict and boring when it comes to teaching them. They will learn to love learning when you can make it fun and enjoyable. Make sure that you spend a lot of time with them to get to know them better.

    There are many sensitive topics that kids do not really understand and you need to know how to present them well to your kids. You can talk to them and make things easy for them to understand so that you will not have confused kids. Bring up your kids well and you can feel really happy about how they are growing up. If you would like to learn more about parenting, there are many blogs that you can go and read that will help you.

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    Reasons why Automotive Key and Lock Service Providers are Beneficial When Hired

    Having care of any model is something very important. This is so because it saves a lot of money and time when traveling times come as compared o those using the public means. However, while having these cars, regular maintenance and repairs are needed for it to be stable and remain new. Some things at times normally happen like lost keys, worn out ignition system which therefore requires replacement, new lock system, and keys which require new programmed key lock system and keys at the same time and that is why we have the automotive industries in place. The good thing with nowadays is that we have computers and machine language around and everything is being operated with the help of machines and computers hence no need to worry. Therefore, in case you experience the lockout services, issues to do with mistaken or lost keys, ignition repairs, and other things to do with locks and keys, you are supposed to contact the best auto repair and replacement companies as they are the best. However, with the below article, you will be able to understand some of the benefits they bring when you hire them.

    To begin with, they have been certified for such services hence beneficial. Being certified and licensed means that the staff you have has all the qualifications and certificates needed for the automotive lock services. The good thing with the certified automotive companies is that they are accountable for all the tasks they do to your vehicle and so no need to worry once you give them a call.

    Secondly, the technicians of these companies have a lot of knowledge and skills. Without skills, you cannot be able to understand how to change the ignition and lock systems of any car and that is why most of the industries have strived to employ the workers who are skilled and knowledgeable. Skills are very essential as programming is also included in the key lock system and fobs and hence the certified automotive lock repairs and replacement service companies have to be keen with the people they employ.

    In addition, they offer competitive prices for all the customers they attend to. When you charge fairly all your clients, you motivate them and they will always rely upon your services once anything to do with car lock systems is reported. Pricing and quality of work done are what differentiates many automotive companies and hence you should be keen and be able to look for the certified and authorized companies.

    Finally, these companies are always on call any time even if there is an emergency. Not all the keys of your car are going to get lost during the day as some get lost during the night and that is why we have emergency services 24/7. The good thing with these companies is that they respond very quickly when called and you can be sure of getting new keys or having your car’s ignition system repaired within a very short period of time. Hence, in conclusion, choosing to hire reliable companies renowned for automotive lock systems and key repairs and replacement services is a good thing as you will end up benefiting a lot.

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