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    Two editions ago we have discussed how to access Ubuntu from Windows 8. The technique does not necessarily mean that you can access the folder dibagipakaikan Windows 8 on Linux. Well, that ye may be able to access the folders of Windows 8, you should try this tutorial.

    Step 1:
    Configuration Workgroup Computers in the same




    1. Make the same Workgroup. Go to the Start screen, type “System”, click Settings, and then click the System icon on the left side. Click the “Change Settings” on computers using the Windows 8 operating system.





    2. In the System Properties window go to the Computer Name tab and see the workgroup name there. Comparing with the existing workgroup name information in Linux. If the same, you can jump straight to step 4. If different, follow the first 3 steps.





    3. Click the “Change” is in the Computer Name tab. After that, in the Computer Name Changes window, click the Workgroup menu in the box if the Member in the column below, the contents of the same name with a Linux workgroup. Press “OK” to save changes. When prompted, restart the PC in order to connect with the new workgroup.



    Step 2:
    Configuring Windows PC to be shared
    T04-435-Windows8-gb20Bagipakaikan files as usual. Start Windows Explorer, and browse the folder name you want dibagipakaikan. Right-click the folder, select “Share with> Homegroup (view)” to provide read-only access or “Share with> Homegroup (view and edit)” to provide read and write access.


    Step 3:

    Access Folders from Linux
    In this example we will use Ubuntu as an example. To access the folder via the Ubuntu dibagipakaikan, there are two ways that can be used. You can access the network via a network connection directly to the browser or Windows PC. This she steps details.

    Option A: Access via the Network Browser




    1. Click the Places menu> Network on your desktop.







    2. When Network File Browser window appears, double-click the Windows Network icon on the list.






    3. List of networks will appear next computer operating system Windows detected by Linux. Double-click the line with the name of the workgroup that you created in step 1.


    4. Finally, double-click the name of your computer operating system Windows 8. Earlier dibagipakaikan folder will appear and can be accessed as usual.


    Option B: Direct Connection to Windows




    1. From the desktop, click the “Places> Connect to Server”.







    2. Will munncul Connect to server window on the screen. You are asked to fill in a few questions about the membagipakaikan file server.






    3. To get the right information, turn to your Windows PC. After that, right-click the folder that dibagipakaikan, click “Properties” and click the “Sharing” tab. Record the name of the folder sharing and its Network Path.





    4. Now, turning back to Linux. Enter the following information in the Connect to Server window:
    • Service type: Windows share;
    • Server: WINDOWS-PC (filled with computer name);
    • Share: / Users / name / Desktop (the path of the folder in bagipakaikan. Signs backslash (\) is replaced with a slash (/));
    • Folder: shared (folder name dibagipakaikan).


    5. Give a check mark in front of the option “Add Bookmark” and give the Bookmark name to any name that allows you to remember the name of the folder and file locations dibagipakaikan.



    6. Click “Connect”. Window that contains folders dibagipakaikan in Windows 8 will appear automatically. At other times, you’ll be able to access the same folder quickly by simply clicking on the Places menu bookmarking it.

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    Hewlett-Packard (HP) launched a convertible, a device that combines the concept of tablet and notebook in one package, called the HP EliteBook latest Revolve 810, Wednesday (24/07/2013).

    Different from most of the convertibles that are circulating in the market these days, HP is targeting sales of products for businesses.

    According to Cynthia Defjan, MDM Business Notebook HP Indonesia, EliteBook Revolve 810 comes as a device for business people who are armed with a variety of features that can not be found in consumer grade devices.

    For example, a joint product between tablet and notebook is equipped with a safety feature called HP Client Security. Using these features, users can protect the devices at every layer, including hardware, software, and BIOS.

    In addition, security is also installed Microsoft Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials and also the certified TPM security chip for data encryption.

    “This device is targeted to enterprise-class. We make a difference in terms of manageability and security,” said Cynthia in Jakarta.

    Another added value, HP also designed the device for resilient or resistant to impact. One way is to use artificial Corning Gorilla Glass screen. By using this screen, the device anti-scratch and impact.

    Together with the convertible devices in general, the display of the EliteBook Revolve 810 can be rotated up to 360 degrees. To go into tablet mode, the screen rotated and folded enough.

    “This is a business tablet that can be converted into a device with notebook performance. It is a tablet that comes with a keyboard,” said Defjan.

    Because these devices into the enterprise, there is no standard specification defined by HP. Those who are interested can modify or order in accordance with the wishes of each.

    The screen spans 11.6 inches with a brightness level of 400 nits. Available processors ranging from Intel Core Sandy Bridge generation of three to four generations of Haswell.

    For the storage media, this product has up to 256 GB SSD option. He is also equipped with a camera, backlit keyboard, and NFC chip.

    Operating system supplied is Windows 8. However, for companies that are not yet ready to switch to the operating system, HP provides the operating system Windows 7.

    HP EliteBook Revolve 810 already ordered directly through HP. Cheapest price of this device is approximately USD 17 million.

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    The right marriage counseling company to hire

    In our generation today, you can already see a lot of marriage counseling companies in the market and the main concern of most people is how to determine the right marriage counseling company for them. Now, do you know the factors that will make a certain marriage counseling company the best and the right one for you? If not, then, do not worry because we got you today. In this article, we will be tackling about the factors that make up a marriage counseling company the best so that you will not have a difficult time in your search for the right company for you. Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that you have to know about these companies and you have to look for it in your search so that you will certainly find the right marriage counseling company for you. And these factors that you have to look for are the following:

    Genuineness – do you know anything about the genuineness or the sincerity of the marriage counseling company out there? For you to be certain that the company is really sincere in providing services to the public, you have to check carefully if that particular company has obtained their license to operate the business. You have to know that any company who has not acquired a license to operate a business will certainly not be the right company for you because for sure they will only give you mediocre products and you would not like that right? So, if you want to be certain that you get to appreciate the service that you will be receiving, you must make sure that you will focus on hiring licensed companies only.

    Affordability – another important thing that you must do is to check for the amount of money that you have to spend for the service or product that you are planning to purchase. Surely, not all of us have unlimited resources rights? So, it will be for the best that you look for a company that offers affordable rates for their products and services so that you will not end up facing problems financially. In addition to that, it will be even better if the company that you will be hiring is also generous in giving away huge discounts for their services because that will really help you save a lot of money. So, make sure that you will not fall for those overpricing companies because you might just end up in a huge debt if you hire them.

    Location – the next thing that you must assess is the location of the marriage counseling company that you will be hiring. I am sure that you would love to receive fast responses from these companies right? So, you have to narrow down your search among those companies that are in your locality only so that you will not end up with a company that is located a hundred miles away from you and can delay the service that you need from them. So, good luck in your journey!

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    The House Cleaning Company you Can Depend on the most

    What are the features that you must know about the house cleaning companies that you can depend on? When you are planning to hire a house cleaning company, you have to understand that the task of doing so would not be so easy at all. In fact, thousands of customers all over the world may have their opinions based on how they should find the best house cleaning company for them. So, asking these people about their wisdom is going to lead you in getting their best services and products. However, if you don’t know somebody whom you can ask to, then reading this article is going to be the best step that you should take.

    First and foremost, you need to determine the house cleaning company’s legitimacy. The legit house cleaning companies are the ones that you must prioritize hiring with. Their legitimacy can actually tell you about their greatness and skillfulness as a potent service provider. You should not hire the company that happens to be ill-reputed just yet because you cannot simply appreciate the best things that they may be able to offer you. You have to be fully aware of what you truly need, most especially when it comes to hiring the best house cleaning company out there.

    Secondly, try to assess the level of experience of the house cleaning company, too. By hiring the company that is highly experienced, you can readily assume that they are, indeed, one of the best service providers in our country, and even to the rest of the world. You should not hire a company that happens to be inexperienced in their line of work just yet simply because they’ve still got a lot of things to learn along the way. So, make sure that you will only grant most of your attention among the house cleaning companies that are already doing their job for the longest duration of time already, such as the ones that have been in the business for many years’ time.

    Third, the location or whereabouts of the house cleaning company should tell you about their advantage as a service provider. The house cleaning company that is located near you is going to give you their most reliable and quickest services. For sure, you would easily trust these types of companies because of the fact that they can navigate through your location with ease. In case you will need some help, you can easily call unto the companies that are just located within your area or locality. Don’t try to hire the companies that may be too far from your area as this is not going to be the most justifiable and intelligible option that you can undertake.

    Lastly, try to opt on getting some referrals from your families and friends. For sure, these people already have some things in their mind that will guide you in finding the right house cleaning company to hire. Listen and learn what these people are going to tell you. Don’t rush your decision at all. Good luck!

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    TAIWAN – Taiwanese hardware device manufacturers, Cooler Master, announced a cooling fan for the latest PC devices. JetFlo called 120, the fan who appeared with LED lights, measuring 120 mm.

    Reported TomsHardware, Sunday (07/07/2013), what makes a ‘beautiful’ This device is not only visible from their physical appearance, but rather clever features embedded in it. JetFlo 120 is equipped with Smart Jam Protection feature, so that the system can detect if there are objects blocking the rotation of the fan.

    Thus, the system automatically stops the fan rotates to prevent damage. Once the foreign body is no longer interrupt rotation of the fan, then the system will operate normally again.

    Design with 120 mm fan can spin at speeds from 800 to 2000 RPM (Revolutions per minute) and a PWM (Pulse-width modulation) control. Fans can push up to 95 CFM and has a noise level to 26 dBA.

    Cooler Master claims that its product is the first premium LED fan that will circulate in the market. The company emphasizes three main points on JetFlo 120, the ‘Performance’, ‘Style’ and ‘Silence’.

    MTBF fan technology is claimed to be able to run for 160 thousand hours. JetFlo 120 will come with four different colors, including red, black, white and blue.

    Reportedly, JetFlo 120 will sell for $ 20 and are available in mid-July 2013.

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    Factors to Consider When Selling Your Car

    Most cars are high-maintenance meaning you will need to spend a lot of money to service it. The maintenance condition even gets wore when the car gets old. According to the environmental regulations, there is a limit for the number of years the car can be used. From the constant repairs, it is proof enough that it is costly to own an old car. At the same time, you would want to get some money out of the junk car. The two options for selling options for your junk car are the private and care dealership. Between the two, the car dealership company is the most recommended method. It is therefore imperative that you accurately research on the used car dealership company that you want to choose. When choosing a car dealership company, you will need to ponder the tips mentioned in this article.

    Firstly, you need to assess the accreditation status of the used car dealership company. For a car dealership company to operate it has to be issued a license by the regulatory authority. In case of any fraudulent activity, you may report the car dealership company to the regulatory authority and its license will be revoked. The use of agents by the car dealership companies poses a great danger as anyone can pose as the firm’s salesperson. But with a quick internet search, you will confirm the existence of the car dealership company.

    The other element to put into consideration is the expertise of the car dealership company. You will need to research how long the car dealership company has been in the industry. The experience of the car dealership company will be evident from its remarkable service provision. The long duration in the industry is proof enough of the authenticity of the car dealership company.

    The other factor to put into consideration is the reviews from previous clients. A qualified car dealership company is supposed to have a portfolio to display their work to the targeted audience. The feedback is composed of both positive and negative criticism from earlier customers; hence it should be considered when choosing the ideal car dealership company.

    The fourth essential tip to evaluate is the market status of the car dealership company. It is advisable that you research on the history of the car dealership company. You must analyze the number of successful transactions done by the car dealership company. You would need to contact the previous clients to get feedback on the services they received. It is necessary for the car dealership company to offer commendable service provision.

    When choosing the perfect car dealership company you need to use this article as your ultimate guide.

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    Tips for Choosing Real Estate Firms

    Outstanding real test firms have the best listings and are skilled in the service supply. They will make sure that all the defects likely to come up are elimo9nated on time. There is a demand to do away with the chances of gracing any issues through rooking with the best firm. There will, be fixing of any deceits that will come up through the best firm. The delivery of the land is done through the correct process. It is the reason why utopia will have to start the search from the inherent. You will get the reviews from the website on the type of these services they offer. You will make sure that the firm has an extra number of positive reviews than the negative ones. It is important to also0 make use of the following features.

    It is important to check the details of what has been happening in the past times. You will do away with t6e features such as any defects titan is likely to come up. Ivy is an important top worm with the firm that ha the correct licensing. It will make sure that your mount o money is secured. Iota is important to be sure that there are no single defects that would come up. It is necessary to check on the details on what ha ben happening in the past times. You will review the details on the correct care of the section. Yue will make sure that you affect the best rate of solving any issues that would come up in the service crew.

    Check pond the information on the correct amenities in tens action. The best firm will choose the place that is near to the best road network. There will be the correct features of what would be taking place in the section. You will make sure that there is the correct flow of the information in the section. There is a demand to make sue of the best section with a reasonable number of the poem who is licking in the section. Your will, have to make sure that the young ones in the family have an easy time as they attend the school. There is a demand to check on the nearness to the hospitals for the best cover.

    Check the details on what has been happening Intel pasty times. You will check the entails such an organization that is known for the supply of the correct services. You will make sure that there are recreation features. You will have the best in the evenings and during your free time. It should have the spas and the gym sections that are near. The closeness to such sections will make sure that there is a minimal amount of the defe6ytsc that would be encountered. It is important to make use of the best features and choose the best real tested. Choose the section that you will enjoy the safety in types of action. Make use of the best service sand choose e the inert sing real estate. Make use of the best services.

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    Things To Look Out For In A Cyber Network And Security Corporation

    If you need these facilities to be provided, you need to be careful not to land to a fraud. There are many cyber network and security corporations that claim to provide these facilities but that not the case with most of them if you need to get the best facilities, there are some factors that need to look into. Some of these aspects are looked into in these articles, however, since you need the highest level of provisions, it is essential to take your time when indicating such a cyber network and security corporation, having to choose a cyber network and security corporation is not an easy thin g as many people think it is. Therefore, it is advised that you take your time and read this article for you to understand.

    To begin with, Licensing is essential since it gives you a chance to know if the individuals can be able to get you the desired standard facilities. Thus, in case the cyber network and security corporation does not have the license you need to inquire about the reasons why they do not have. The licensed cyber network and security corporation implies that they are rendering the facilities within the stated laws and regulations. Thus, in case, the cyber network and security corporation cannot produce any means of certification to provide the facilities then you need to look into looking for an extra one. Your needs should dictate the type of cyber network and security corporation that you will choose. It would be best if you had a reliable cyber network and security corporation and can provide the provisions at any given time, either day or night. Having to verify on the cyber network and security corporation’s payment method is yet a further aspect that should be looking into.

    An individual is instructed to have a budget on how much he or she is willing to spend. This will assist in indicating a cyber network and security corporation that an individual is much comfortable working with. In whatever you do, do not assume that the specific cyber network and security corporation provides affordable facilities. Therefore, in the long run when you have sought these facilities from individuals or cyber network and security corporation that is known for their facilities, then you will relax knowing that these people are not prone to lying to you. Therefore, to avoid instances where you will be in doubt of the abilities of the cyber network and security corporations you will have to look into hiring a transparent cyber network and security corporation.

    Additionally, it is always essential to look into the cost of getting the facilities of the cyber network and security corporations. To is always essential to make sure that you get the facilities that are within your budget. Therefore, you need to compare the costs of hiring cyber network and security corporations until you can be able to get the ideal one that is within the price you can afford. You need to indicate a cyber network and security corporation that can accommodate your schedule at any given time. Having to check on the professionalism of the cyber network and security corporation is yet an extra point to look into. An individual is guided to look into cyber network and security corporations’ professionalism so that they can provide the type of facility required.

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    Cruising Through the Content Browser Using Wireless Smartphone

    Transfer content from your PC to the Android-based smartphone is easy. Several methods can be used for it. You have a choice of using a regular cable connection represented USB port or wireless connection represented by bluetooth and WiFi. If you have a router that is connected to the PC and smartphone in one network, it can use wireless connections to share data without bothered by wires.

    d4-436-wifiWiFi File File Transfer offers ease of operation. You pass enough alone installation on a smartphone. When run, the application will detect your internet protocol (IP) on the computer and then instantly displays the IP address of the smartphone. Later on smartphone app will display an IP address that is automatically configured. To connect the smartphone to the computer, you just enter the IP address displayed on the smartphone via the browser and automatically you can directly access the entire contents of the smartphone via browser.

    Automated storage media on a smartphone will instantly appear in the browser like a file manager in Windows. You stay down all the existing content on the memory card and can perform various commands such as download, delete, copy, or rename. You can also combine all or part of existing content by performing compression in a ZIP format and make the content. The application also displays a special shortcut to a content-based image file directory with the name of the Media Gallery.

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    Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Insurance Company

    If you have car, it mean that you will be using it on daily basis and so you should ensure that you give it some good protection. The best way you can protect your car is by choosing an insurance company so that in any case your car can get some damages or accidents, you will get free compensations from them. The only thing you should ensure is that the car insurance company you will choose has a good history and financial stability. For you to choose an ideal car insurance company from the market, you should consider the following.

    You should do an evaluation on how reputable the car insurance company that you’re about to make a choice of is anytime you are picking a car insurance company. The reputation of a car insurance company always depends on services that the company gives to its clients. A car insurance company that offers quality services will always have a positive reputation whereas a car insurance company that offers poor services will always be a car insurance company with a poor reputation. Knowing about the reputation that a car insurance company has come in handy in offering you the much-needed assistance in determining what you can expect in terms of services that will be delivered to you when you get to hire a car insurance company’s services. Getting to know what clients who have enlisted the services of the car insurance company that you want to select have to say about those services either through recommendations orally or what they have to write through reviews and testimonials about the car insurance company that you want to make a choice of is one of the means through which you can get to learn the reputation of a car insurance company.

    You need to consider where the car insurance company is located anytime you are making a selection of a car insurance company. It is advisable to enlist the services of a car insurance company with which share the same and location. By enlisting the services of a car insurance company close to the place where you live you make yourself better placed to receive rubbish car insurance services within the right time which is early enough so that you can have higher levels of hygiene.

    You can depend on the permit to help you look for the best car insurance company. All powers that will enable you to operate in the market comes from this document. The government is one in control of such with the help of its agencies. This means that you must meet all the requirements for you to get the permits.

    You need to consider the factors that have been highlighted in this is a piece of writing anytime you are making a selection of a car insurance company.

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